3mm Indoor LED Display
NAME : 3mm Indoor LED Display
DESCRIPTION : 384 mm × 384 mm

 Function and Technology Character:

(1) Multiform file formats, such as VGA, Video, AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB and so on are comprehensive.
(2) Information source can be camera, video, VCD, DVD, LD, TV and so on.
(3) Clear picture without flicker and distortion.
(4) Brightness, contrast, saturation can be adjust by itself and manual.
(5) Show everything with your PC does synchronously.
(6) Super correcting technology for distortion.
(7) One interface for sound signal and two for video signal at least.
(8) Connected and controlled by PC via Lan and remote control.
(9) Multiform language editions, such as English, French, Germany, Greek, Russian and so on.




 Pixel Pitch  3mm
 Pixel Density  111,116  Pixels/sq.m.
 LED Type  SMD2020
 Brightness  มากกว่า หรือเท่ากับ 1300 cd/ตร.ม.
 Refresh Rate  มากกว่า หรือเท่ากับ 1400Hz
 Color Depth  14bit
 Viewing Angle  H: 140 องศา , V: 140 องศา
 Module Size  192mm × 192mm
 Cabinet Size  384mm × 384mm
 Cabinet Weight  5kg
 Structure Material  Aluminum
 Drive Method  1/16
 Avg. Power consumtion  800w/ตร.ม.
 Max.Power consumtion  1,700w/ตร.ม.
 Control Systems  Linsn/Nova
 IP Grade  IP31