DESCRIPTION : The ISS 506 is a six input seamless switcher that accepts a wide variety of video signals, including RGB computer-video, HDTV, and standard definition video.
CATEGORY : Switcher

The ISS 506 is a six input seamless switcher that accepts a wide variety of video signals, including RGB computer-video, HDTV, and standard definition video. It combines truly seamless, glitch‑free switching with advanced scaling technologies to meet the requirements of high quality, high resolution video presentations. With presentation-enhancing features such as independent Preview and Program outputs, numerous switching transition effects, logo insertion, title keying, internal test patterns, and multiple control methods, the ISS 506 is designed to deliver advanced capabilities to high-end presentation environments.


The six input ISS 506 includes four fully configurable inputs, each capable of accepting all common high resolution and standard video signals, from RGB computer-video to composite video. An optional SDI/HD-SDI input is also available. The ISS 506 also provides six input stereo audio switching for unbalanced or balanced audio signals, each with independent gain and attenuation control. It also offers an output volume control.


For increased system flexibility, the ISS 506 features separate Preview and Program outputs. Discrete input selection for each output enables preview capability of the “next to switch” source, allowing an operator to cue material locally on a Preview monitor, touch-screen control panel, or other viewing device.


Two simultaneous Program outputs are provided for dual-screen environments. Additionally, the ISS 506 can be configured with an optional output card to suit specific system needs. Available output cards include 3G/HD-SDI, DVI, and scan-converted standard definition video.


For professional transitions between inputs, the ISS 506 offers a wide range of effects, including dissolves and wipes with selectable durations, as well as a cut. When the switching includes audio signals, audio cross-fading is implemented that matches the duration of the video transition effect.


In addition to seamless transition effects, the ISS 506 includes a host of features for enhancing presentations. A PIP - picture-in-picture mode allows insertion of a PIP window that can be sized and positioned anywhere onscreen, and transitioned into and out of the image via wipe, dissolve, or cut effects.


The ISS 506 also provides the capability to insert one or two graphic logos into any presentation. A corporate logo, black screen, or any captured portion of an image can be positioned and keyed into the presentation. Additionally, title keying is available for overlaying title information for I-MAG applications, or other content from any input source.


With versatile control functionality, the ISS 506 is ideal for corporate boardrooms, auditoriums, houses of worship and other live events. Full setup and operation is available from the front panel as well as through RS-232 and Ethernet control. Furthermore, presentations can be managed using the Extron RCP 2000 Remote Control Panel.