CODE : 9,000 Baht/Day
DESCRIPTION : KRAMER VP-727xl Universal Presentation Switcher / Scaler8 Universal Video Inputs
CATEGORY : Switcher

About the VP-727xl

The VP-727xl Universal Presentation Matrix Switcher / Scaler is a true multi-standard video to graphics scaler and seamless switcher with 8 universal inputs comprised of 5 BNC connectors each of which can accommodate a composite video, s-Video (Y/C), component video (RGB/YUV), RGBS, or RGBHV signal. Input 1 and input 2 also accommodate HDMI inputs. It has dual scalers, one for the preview and the other for the program output. Dual scalers are required to do "live" seamless transitions from one source to another. It is ideal for these typical applications: 


        - Presentation applications that require a preview option
        - Projection systems in conference rooms, board rooms, auditoriums, hotels, and churches
        - Presentations requiring seamless switching between inputs, using special effects, cuts and fades